Thursday, 18 April 2013

What does it mean when you are surrounded by beautiful things, when the world is full of opportunities and you just can't move? In a time where Earth-like planets are being discovered (, where we push ourselves in understanding what is around us, but still we cannot understand ourselves. We hide our insecurities in work and late nights out, but how good is your poker face? The truth is, everyone is entitled to have insecurities and for some, even though they are arrogant and confident people on the outside, one day someone will come along that will take all that down. Why is that we are always subject to an outside object that can easily takes us down? Aren't we good enough?

If we can put a man on the moon, if we can cross oceans and discover continents, then we should be confident and very little should throw us down. It seems human beings like being appreciated so much that it becomes a weakness that eventually catches up. We let this transpire through our pets and our affection with animals. Often, people with socializing limitations quickly get attached to animals...Is it because they like us more than we like them? Is it because they are dependent on us for food and care? If so, why are there so many studies with animal testing? Where is the edge of caring and emotion? Perhaps we are too arrogant to think that caring for something is too different from being emotionally attached...

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