Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Back to business

So I was doing some reading online today and came across two different blogs (ref below) that explore the advantages and disadvantages of dating people who travel. Strangely enough, one of them was called "Don't date a girl who travels" and the other "Date a man who travels". That got me wondering, what is the difference? In one, the vision of an independent but wild woman is described as someone who can never be tied up. The male side, on the other hand, was quite sweet and explored the simplicity of the values of traveling people and how that can fit (or how you can fit) into this guy's lifestyle.

Are we that different?

Is it true that women who dare to explore the unexplored, who push the limits and who go on adventures, are destined to be alone?

What about men?
Do women adapt to a traveling man but not the other way around?

As a traveling person myself, I have seen my share fare of crazy traveling people. Some people just live for adventure, some people like it but at a more moderate level. So far, the people I know have managed to find someone special that marks them forever. The usual problem is that if both are traveling and meet at one point of their adventure and then continue, how will they meet again? As every relationship, this requires time and dedication. If there is someone special where the chemistry is just driving you nuts but chances are you won't see him/her again anytime soon, why not invest some time on facebook/email/phone and whatnot to keep that flame alive? Why not invest in that and pick up again where you left of?