Thursday, 12 January 2012

New year, new look, and new stories

And so a new chapter begins.

This year I will absolutely be more dedicated to this. I got some amazing inspiration from people around me that have mostly photography blogs. Photography is still a new thing in my life, but I am trying to commit to it. Although in Norway there are tonnes of people making wildlife photography, and have fantastic photos, that is not my goal. I want to tell stories through photos, I want to share a view of the world and that is why I write this blog. Since what I love the most is the sea, please don't think that is strange if I have many references to it, and the same goes for Norway.

So, after writing so many times "I", only one more thing is to be said; I am looking for the joy in life and that is what I want to show.

Here is a little treat from BBC. A short documentary that I found that clearly shows the conflicts between humans and animals and the way they have been dealt with.

Wild: Polar Bear Diary - the story from the other side of the ocean

Please try to keep up with me! your comments will be very welcome :)