Thursday, 15 July 2010

A Student of Life

On every whale safari people come to me asking if I am in Norway as part of a student exchange programme or if I am here to study whales...I try to be the most polite possible in my answer, but the truth is that I go crazy every time I hear the same question!uffff I am a student of life people, ok? I may look young (oh boy, maybe I do look really young!), but I'm 23 and ready to make a living out of my knowledge! Of course, you don't always know everything, but that is one of the wonders of life! So, the moral here is: Never judge a book by its cover and we are all students of life!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

in mood for love and sunflowers

Although Noway has a breath taking landscape, it is very often that the weather is not on your side and you have to enjoy a not so panoramic view from the windows. It is quite alright though, it fills you with a great romantic feeling of staying inside, having some tea and just relaxing. It is time to hear your own thoughts, to hear your heart beat and explore the limits of your mind! Some crazy thoughts drop by, but I try to keep things flowing and set the mind free. I glass of while would be very welcome, if I wasn't taking antibiotics!But that's a whole other story...In the meantime, I just wonder how the Sun affects my mood, which brings me to the sunflower topic!!!It is a lot of fun watching the effect of extra 5º in the temperature on people. The layers of clothes change, the colors also change, but mostly people change as well!Somehow, on every trip that is warm and sunny, people lay down and just turn towards the Sun! I am no different. I love Sun, I love the warmth, I love how it makes you feel like staying outside the whole day just walking and going out with friends (typical portuguese)!So, whenever I can, I am a sunflower (not an onion anymore!), just facing the Sun and relax as its rays touch my skin and make my cells shake with delight.

Today however, the Sun seems to be hiding in an almost perfect way. Over the grey clouds and heavy rain, it is waiting for the right moment to allure us to the streets and out to great walks! It is not so bad though...I like the feeling of looking outside and listening to the rain. It is such a romantic and deep feeling!!!

Well, well...I just noticed that all I have been writing was about the weather! what a cliché! Anyway, it does affect us all in different ways, but it is still good to experience friendship and love with all kinds of weather and learn how to deal (and have fun) every time!