Thursday, 28 April 2011

Unexpected sightings

In the last few days I have been feeling very frustrated. No job, an undedicated boyfriend and barely any sun, can really get to you. So, in one of these days I just ran away. I went where no one could find me, relaxed alone and enjoyed the sounds of sea birds. When I came back, everything was the same and I still felt like escaping...There is a small island close to the house, and that was the place I chose to hide. While sitting on a rock, I found myself looking at the sea in search for something. It was very quiet and that is usually when you see harbour porpoises around here. So I stared and stared, enjoying the breeze and the sound of the water hitting the rocks, when suddenly I saw this black thing in the water. It was hard to be sure because the light reflected even shadows of small waves, but once I saw it for the second time I had no doubts. It was a mother with its calf and they were swimming through the fjord, just passing some small fish farm cages. They quickly disappeared, but a few minutes after there was a single habour porpoise in the same area. I was really happy. It truly made me smile, the first and last heart-felt smile of the day.